Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 2021 Texas International Wine Competition! There are so many ways to help, and there is certainly a position for you!  Whether you manage other volunteers in one of our coordinator positions or donate time as needed in an individual contributor capacity, you’ll define your own schedule.

Coordinator Positions

Our coordinators are the heart of our organization. Coordinators volunteer throughout the year to own their respective areas of responsibility. These volunteer positions require:

  • Attendance of monthly volunteer coordinator meetings (1-2 hours monthly through September, and 1-2 hours weekly from September to December)
  • Attendance of all relevant events during the competition, December 1st through 4th.

For any questions, or to apply for one of the below coordinator positions, contact

Event Co-Coordinator

  • Secure Venue
    • Food Vendors
    • Timeline
    • Overall Logistics
    • Coordinate Event Volunteers
    • Coordinate VIP Reception
    • Manage Event Budget

Sponsorship Coordinator

  • Sponsorship Packages
    • Coordinate Sponsorship Events
    • Soliciting Sponsors
    • Coordinate Volunteer Sponsorship Solicitation

Project Manager/Volunteer Coordinator

  • Chair & Coordinate Periodic Volunteer Meetings
    • Develop/Maintain Event Timeline
    • Set Event Schedule (with TXIWC Board)
    • Coordinating Competition & Logistics
    • Set & Track Overall Budget
    • Coordinate volunteers

Competition Meal Coordinator

  • Welcome Wine Dinner (Thursday)
    • Competition Snacks
    • Friday Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    • Saturday Breakfast & Lunch
    • Sunday Breakfast

Wine Entry Coordinator

  • Coordinate Volunteers to Contact Wineries
    • Coordinate Email Marketing to Wineries
    • Document Winery Commitments in Single Spreadsheet
    • Coordinate Logistics & Shipping/Receiving of wines
    • Enter Official Entries into Database
    • Sort, Number, & Enter Wines into DB Before Competition
    • Coordinate Volunteers to Assist with Sorting
    • Sort Wines by Medal Won During Competition

Wine Tour Coordinator

  • Secure Wineries (donations, where possible)
    • Establish Tour Route
    • Coordinate Transportation
    • Lunch & Snacks

Judge Coordinator

  • Soliciting Judges
    • Email Communication with Confirmed Judges
    • Airline Tickets
    • Airport Pick-ups
    • Lodging

Marketing Coordinator

  • Website Content & SEO
    • Social Media
    • Email Marketing

Volunteer Positions

Our volunteers make this competition possible. Sign-up for our volunteer list from our volunteer page. Emails for specific volunteer events and shifts will be sent out via email to everyone on the list with details and how to sign up.

Click here to join the list

Types of shifts include:

Competition Volunteer

  • December 2 – December 5, 2021: flexible schedule; more time will be needed closer to the event
    • Assist Project Manager/Event Coordinator as needed

Event Volunteer

  • Saturday December 4, 2021
    • Assist Event Coordinator with the after-event

Sponsorship Volunteer

  • Contact potential sponsors & secure sponsorships
    • Year round; flexible schedule – more time may be needed closer to the event
    • Assist Sponsorship Coordinator as needed

Wine Entry Volunteer

  • Contact wineries & secure wine entries
    • Follow up with wineries assigned
    • Year round; flexible schedule – more time may be needed closer to the event
    • Assist Wine Entry Coordinator as needed

Sorting & Numbering Volunteer

  • November 16th – December 2, 2021: flexible schedule; more time will be needed closer to the event
    • Assist with incoming wine shipments
    • Add wines to database
    • Label wines & sort
    • Assist Sorting & Numbering Coordinator as needed