Congratulations to all the winners of the 2016 Texas International Wine Competition!


Best of Class Categories

Texas Red

Silver Dollar Winery – Peacemaker Merlot (Double Gold)

Texas White

Texas Star Winery – Roussanne (Gold)

BrandLabelAwardVintageAppellationEstate/VineyardEntry Type
Silver Dollar WineryPeacemaker Merlot ReserveDouble GoldNVTexas High Plains AVABingham Family VineyardsC
Texas Star WineryRoussanneGoldNVTexasC
Georgetown WineryBlueberryDouble GoldNVTexasC
Westcave Cellars WineryTannatDouble Gold2014Texas Hill CountryEstateC
O’Farrell Country VineyardsSmokehouse Red Semi-SweetDouble GoldNVTexasC
Kiepersol EstatesTexas SyrahDouble Gold2013TexasEstate Grown, Bottled, ProducedC
Grape Creek VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon/SyrahDouble Gold2014AmericanGrape Creek VineyardsC
Grape Creek VineyardsCabernet BlancDouble Gold2015AmericanGrape Creek VineyardsC
Red 55 WineryRed 55 (Cabernet Sauvignon)Double Gold2013WashingtonC
The Vine YardZionDouble Gold2015Leeds, UTEstate Grown at The Vine YardA
Grape Creek VineyardsMerlotDouble Gold2014AmericanGrape Creek VineyardsC
Ben Ish WineryBen’s Select Dry Red Table WineGoldNVCaliforniaC
Whistling Duck WineryTempranilloGold2015TexasC
Lost Oak WineryVintage Lane DawsonGoldNVTexasMerlot 2015 from Diamonte Doble Vineyards, Tokio, TX; Cabernet Sauvignon from Sprayberry Vineyards, Midland, TX; Petit Verdat from Brady Vineyards, Paso Robles, CAC
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsMoscatoGoldNVTexas High PlainsDiamonte Doble VineyardsC
Grape Creek VineyardsCabernet TroisGold2014AmericanGrape Creek VineyardsC
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsRosie the RiviterGoldNVTexas High PlainsDiamonte Doble VineyardsC
Bernhardt WineryBlanco DulceGoldNVAltusC
Lost in the AndesMalbec ReservaGold2011MendozaC
Red Road Winery and VineyardSignature RedGold2014TexasC
Texas Hills VineyardOrange MoscatoGold2012Texas High PlainsC
Becker VineyardsTempranillo ReserveGold2014C
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsTexicanGold2015Texas High PlainsTwin T Vineyards/Diamonte DobleC
Lost Oak WineryCabernet FrancGold2015TexasBurning Daylight Vineyard, Randon, TXC
Enoch’s Stomp Vineyard & WineryNortonGold2013TexasC
Texas Hills VineyardChardonnayGold2014Texas Hill CountryTexas Hills VineyardC
Bernhardt WineryPort ReserveGoldNVAmericanC
Possum’s RunElderberryGold2016USAN/AA
Agajanian Vineyards & Wine CompanyMarmalade MoscatoGoldNVC
Texas Star WineryCranberryGoldNVAmericanC
Sprayberry WineryMerlotSilver2014Midland, TXC
Grape Creek VineyardsCuvee BlancSilver2015TexasGrape Creek VineyardsC
Lost Oak WineryDry Rose WineSilver2015TexasBlanc du Bois from Carrabba Farms, Crockett; Muscat Canelli from Krick Hill Vineyards, Levelland; Merlot from Bingham Family Vineyard, MeadowC
Duchman Family WineryVermentinoSilver2015Texas High PlainsBingham Family VineyardsC
Silver Dollar WineryI’m PeachedSilverNVTexasParis VineyardC
Kiepersol EstatesTexas Cabernet SauvignonSilver2011TexasEstate Grown, Bottled, ProducedC
Sugar Ridge WineryNiagaraSilver2016NiagaraC
Spicewood VineyardsTexas Hill Country Sauvignon BlancSilver2015Texas Hill CountryEstateC
Trilogy CellarsGewurztraminerSilver2015Texas High PlainsC
Grape Creek VineyardsSerendipitySilver2014AmericanGrape Creek VineyardsC
Duchman Family WineryMontepulcianoSilver2013Texas High PlainsOswald VineyardC
Trilogy CellarsRelentlessSilver2015Texas High PlainsOtherC
Texas SouthWind Vineyard and WineryBlackberry Fruit WineSilverNVC
Spicewood VineyardsTexas Hill Country TempranilloSilver2014Texas Hill CountryEstateC
Texas LegatoMalbecSilver2014Texas Hill CountryEstateC
Dancing Bee WineryHoney Wine made with BlackberrySilverNVTexasC
Bernhardt WineryPinnelliSilver2015AmericanC
Red 55 WineryKerosene (Pinot Grigio)Silver2014No Vineyard DesignationC
Dancing Bee WineryThe Beerded OneSilverNVTexasC
Duchman Family WineryAglianicoSilver2012Texas High PlainsOswald VineyardC
McReynolds WineryCabernet SauvignonSilver2012TexasRising Star VineyardC
Grape Creek VineyardsRieslingSilver2015AmericanGrape Creek VineyardsC
Dancing Bee WineryTexas Two-StepSilverNVTexasC
Dancing Bee WineryMerry TexmasSilverNVTexasC
Bernhardt WinerySchrockSilverNVAltusC
Westcave Cellars WinerySpectrumSilver2014100% Texas100% TexasC
Duchman Family WineryViognierSilver2015High PlainsBingham Family VineyardsC
Westcave Cellars WineryCabernet SauvignonSilver2014Texas Hill CountryEstateC
Red Road Winery and VineyardLasSilverNVTexasC
Duchman Family WineryProgressionSilverNVTexas High PlainsC
Texas SouthWind Vineyard and WineryCranberry Fruit WineSilverNVC
Red Road Winery and VineyardDeargSilverNVTexasC
Westcave Cellars WineryCabernet FrancSilver2014Texas Hill CountryBella Vista RanchC
Barnes CellarsMontepulcianoSilver2014Texas Hill CountryEstate Grown/Cross Mountain VineyardA
Bending Branch WineryBranch TX RedSilverNVTexasC
Silver Dollar WineryJefferson ChardonnaySilverNVWashington Ancient Lakes AVAC
Ben Ish WineryBen’s Select ZinfandelSilver2016Lodi, CaliforniaGiorgi VineyardsC
Spicewood VineyardsCabernet ClaretSilver2015TexasC
Joseph Braman WinerySweet RedSilverNVTexas High PlainsC
Whistling Duck WineryThe Long Road HomeSilverNVTexasC
Pillar Bluff VineyardsCabernet FrancSilver2012TexasC
Pillar Bluff VineyardsPetite SirahSilver2015Texas Hill CountryC
Kiepersol EstatesTexas MerlotSilver2012TexasEstate Grown, Bottled, ProducedC
Thirsty Mule WineryWine Maker’s SelectSilverNVTexasC
O’Farrell Country VineyardsMagnoliaSilverNVTexasC
Perrine WineryBlack RubySilverNVN/AC
Bending Branch WineryTannatSilver2012Alta MesaSilvaspoons VineyardsC
Bernhardt WineryCabernet SauvignonSilverNVAmericanC
White Fox VineyardsTexas RedSilverNVEast TexasWhite Fox VineyardsC
Grape Creek VineyardsPortSilverNVTexasGrape Creek VineyardsC
Lost Oak WinerySweet GrassSilver2015Texas High PlainsDiamonte Doble Vineyards, Tokio, TXC
Bending Branch WineryBranch TX WhiteSilverNVTexasC
Grape Creek VineyardsMuscat CanelliSilver2015TexasGrape Creek VineyardsC
Texas LegatoPetit SirahSilver2015Texas Hill CountryC
The Vine YardCapitol ReefSilver2014Leeds, UTEstate Grown at The Vine YardA
Grape Creek VineyardsRendezvous – Rhone BlendSilver2014AmericanGrape Creek VineyardsC
Texas Star WineryPrickly PearSilverNVTexasC
Grape Creek VineyardsViognierSilver2015TexasGrape Creek VineyardsC
Texas Hills VineyardToro de TejasSilver2011Texas High PlainsNewsom VineyardC
Grape Creek VineyardsPinot GrigioSilver2015AmericanGrape Creek VineyardsC
Rancho Ponte VineyardMerlotSilver2015Texas/New MexicoC
Texas Hills VineyardPort RubinoSilver2011Texas Hill CountryC
Lost Oak WineryViognierSilver2015Texas High PlainsBingham Family Vineyard, Meadow, TXC
The Vine YardCanyonlandsSilver2015Leeds, UTEstate Grown at The Vine YardA
The Vine YardBryce CanyonSilver2015Leeds, UTEstate Grown at The Vine YardA
Barnes CellarsSangioveseSilver2014Texas Hill CountryEstate Grown/Cross Mountain VineyardA
Bernhardt WineryMerlotSilverNVAmericanC
Trilogy CellarsReserve MalbecSilver2015Texas High PlainsOtherC
The Vine YardVagabondSilver2015Leeds, UTEstate Grown at The Vine YardA
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsBlanco GrandeSilver2015TexasLos Pinos Ranch VineyardsC
Bernhardt WineryVin du SoleilSilverNVAmericanC
Bernhardt WineryCrimsonSilverNVAmericanC
Michael Athanas (Amateur)Vidal IcewineSilver2014Hudson Valley NYHVLA
Georgetown WineryBlacksmith ReserveSilverNVTexasC
Texas Star WineryChardonnaySilverNVAmericanC
Rancho Ponte VineyardDolcettoSilver2015Texas/New MexicoC
Red 55 WineryWhite Liar (Unoaked Chardonnay)Silver2014C
Georgetown WineryPeachSilverNVTexasC
Duchman Family WineryTrebbianoSilver2015Texas High PlainsBingham Family VineyardsC
Enoch’s Stomp Vineyard & WineryAll Y’allSilverNVC
Silver Dollar WineryLiberty CabernetSilverNVTexas High Plains AVABringham Family VineyardsC
Georgetown WineryChambourcinSilverNVC
Joseph Braman WineryRieslingSilverNVTexas High PlainsC
Thirsty Mule WinerySassy MuleSilverNVC
White Fox VineyardsTexas WhiteSilverNVEast TexasWhite Fox VineyardsC
Joseph Braman WineryMerlotSilver2010Napa ValleyC
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsBlanc du BoisSilverNVTexasLos Pinos Ranch VineyardsC
Pillar Bluff VineyardsAu PoireSilverNVN/AC
Lost Oak WineryShirazSilver2015TexasShiraz from Post Oak Vineyard at Lost Oak Winery; Merlot from Bingham Family Vineyard, MeadowC
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsViognierSilver2015Texas High PlainsDiamonte Doble VineyardsC
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsRosatoSilver2014Texas High PlainsDiamonte Doble VineyardsC
Sugar Ridge WineryMercy RedSilver2015ChambourcinC
Grape Creek VineyardsPetite SirahSilver2014AmericanGrape Creek VineyardsC
Bernhardt WineryPinot GrigioSilver2015AmericanC
Becker VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon Reserve Canada FamilySilver2014C
Ben Ish WineryBen’s Select MerlotSilver2016Lodi, CaliforniaC
Texas Hills VineyardKick Butt CabSilver2013Texas Hill CountryTexas Hills VineyardC
Texas Star WineryWild MustangSilverNVTexasC
Texas Star WineryVermentinoSilverNVTexasC
Farmhouse VineyardWest Texas HousewifeSilverNVHigh Plains AVAFarmhouse VineyardA
Grape Creek VineyardsMosaic – Bourdeaux style redSilver2014AmericanGrape Creek VineyardsC
Valley Mills VineyardsViognierSilver2015TexasC
Grape Creek VineyardsBellissimo – Tuscan style redSilver2014TexasGrape Creek VineyardsC
Spicewood VineyardsTexas High Plains TempranilloSilver2014Texas High PlainsC
Texas LegatoFight NightSilverNVEast TexasEcho SpringsC
Texas LegatoTempranilloSilver2014TexasC
Bending Branch WineryOld Vine Petite SirahSilver2013Paso RoblesShell CreekC
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsCabernet SauvignonSilver2013Texas High PlainsTwin T VineyardsC
Becker VineyardsRavenSilver2013C
Trilogy CellarsReserve MerlotSilver2015Texas High PlainsAmanacer VineyardsC
Texas SouthWind Vineyard and WineryEstate Black SpanishSilver2014TexasTexas SouthWind Vineyard and WineryC
Canadian River WineryChocolate DropBronzeNVC
Whistling Duck WineryPura VidaBronzeNVTexasC
Whistling Duck WineryFriday Night WhitesBronzeNVTexasC
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsBesitos de ChocolateBronzeNVTexasLos Pinos Ranch VineyardsC
Red 55 WineryCrazy Ex-Girlfriend (Sweet White)BronzeNVChenin Blanc from California; Orange Muscat from TexasC
Texas LegatoGCP MirtilloBronzeNVEast TexasEcho SpringsC
Westcave Cellars WineryVermentinoBronze2014Texas Hill CountryEstateC
Lost Oak WineryBlanc du Bois ReserveBronze2015TexasVillage Creek Vineyard @ Lost Oak Winery, BurlesonC
Whistling Duck WineryChocolate DuckBronzeNVTexasC
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsAll My X’sBronzeNVTexas High PlainsDiamonte Doble VineyardsC
Westcave Cellars WineryViognierBronze2014Texas Hill CountryEstateC
O’Farrell Country VineyardsSassy SistersBronzeNVTexasC
Enoch’s Stomp Vineyard & WineryBless Her HeartBronzeNVTexasC
McReynolds WineryMerlotBronze2012TexasRising Star VineyardC
Enoch’s Stomp Vineyard & WineryBlanc DuBois Off DryBronze2012TexasC
Rancho Ponte VineyardMontepulcianoBronze2015Texas/New MexicoC
Thirsty Mule WineryCabernet SauvignonBronzeNVC
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsVermentinoBronze2015Texas High PlainsLost Draw VineyardsC
Wines of Datson CervantesPerseveranceBronze2015Texas Hill CountryCertenberg VineyardsC
Sprayberry WineryMalbecBronze2015Midland, TXC
Enoch’s Stomp Vineyard & WineryDark PortejasBronze2011TexasC
Red Road Winery and VineyardFionBronzeNVTexasC
Enoch’s Stomp Vineyard & WineryLight PortejasBronze2011TexasC
Sprayberry WineryTempranilloBronze2015Midland, TXC
Thirsty Mule WineryBlushBronzeNVC
Georgetown WinerySangriaBronzeNVTexasC
Becker VineyardsViognierBronze2014C
The Vine YardSucellusBronze2015Leeds, UTEstate Grown at the Vine YardA
Texas Hills VineyardCinque Vino RossoSilver2013Texas Hill CountryTexas Hills VineyardC
Trilogy CellarsPinot GrigioBronze2015Texas High PlainsAmanacer VineyardsC
The Vine YardCousin NoseBronze2015Leeds, UTEstate Grown at The Vine VaultA
Red Road Winery and VineyardHoney I’m HomeBronze2014TexasC
Barnes CellarsLenoir PortBronze2014Rio MedinaJagge VineyardA
Bending Branch WineryHigh Plains RoseBronze2015Texas High PlainsC
Bernhardt WineryAggie BlushBronzeNVAmericanC
The Vine YardVagabondBronze2016Leeds, UTEstate Grown at The Vine YardA
Wines of Datson CervantesSomething RedBronze2008Texas Hill CountryCertenberg VineyardsC
Sugar Ridge WineryGertzBronze2015GerturztraminerC
Valley Mills VineyardsMammoth RedBronzeNVTexasC
Trilogy CellarsIntersectionBronze2015Texas High PlainsOtherC
The Vine YardArchesBronze2015Leeds, UTEstate Grown at The Vine YardA
Michele WinesSoliéreBronze2015Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence (AOP)A
Texas LegatoFamily ReunionBronze2014TexasC
Joseph Braman WinerySparkles PecanBronzeNVDemming New MexicoC
Ben Ish WineryBen’s Select Cabernet SauvignonBronze2016Lodi, CaliforniaC