How is a wine competition charitable?

Our organization generates revenue from wine entry fees, sponsors, auctions, and event ticket sales.  All proceeds are donated to charitable organizations.  Our 2017 charity, The Whole Planet Foundation, is an amazing organization that is working to alleviate poverty through microcredit.

What is a wine competition?

A wine competition is an organized event in which trained judges competitively rate wines based on their individual characteristics such as taste, clarity, smell, color, and more.

How can I enter my wine?

Entering is easy!  When the 2017 entry window opens, visit our wine entry page.

What makes The Vine Vault so special?

The Vine Vault is an exclusive temperature controlled storage facility whose mission is to further the collection and enjoyment of fine wine.  Our partnership with The Vine Vault means your wine will be received and stored with white-glove care and service.  The facility guarantees your wine will be preserved from the time it is received at The Vine Vault, to the time it’s poured for the judges.