TXIWC Judges

Our world-renowned judges come with diverse and expansive experience from all over the world!  Below you’ll find just a taste of the talent partnering this competition.  

Count John Umberto Salvi 20th

Bordeaux, France
Master of Wine

Jeff Stabins

New York
RVP of AWS & AWS Certified Wine Judge

Seattle Washington, USA
Master of Wine

New York, USA
Wine Instructor, Certified Judge, & Freelance Writer

Daniele Raspini

Sommelier, International Wine Judge

Ireland/New York, USA
Surgeon / Wine Instructor

Quebec, Canada
Certified Wine Judge

Iva Kovarikova

Czech Republic

Int’l Wine Judge & Founder/ CEO GastroPress Publishing 

New York, USA
Certified Wine Judge, Advanced Sommelier, Wine Educator

Sharyn Kervyn

New Jersey, USA
Wine Educator, Certified Wine Judge, CSW, dipWSET

Sammy Lam

Austin, Texas, USA
Owner, Wanderlust Wine Company, WSET Level 3

Jeff Cope

Houston, Texas
Blogger/Owner TXWineLover.com

Indiana, USA

Augustin Mrazik

Winemaker, International Wine Judge, Fruit Wine Specialist

JUDr. Luboš M. Bárta

Czech Republic
Editor-inChief Sommelier/Travel Reviewer

New Mexico, USA
Owner Vivac Winery, Exec Sommelier, Educator

Austin, Texas, USA
Certified Sommelier, Wine Buyer

Dan Gatlin

Fredricksburg, Texas
Winery Owner, Viticulturist & Oenologist

Bachelor’s Viticulture & Enology

Jon McPherson

California/Texas, USA
Award-winning Winemaker

Daniel Kelada

Texas, USA 

Texas, USA

Richard Arebalo

Austin, Texas, USA
Sommelier, Founding Member Austin Texas Wine Society

Bonnie Villacampa, Founder

Texas/Rioja, Spain
Master of Oenology, Viticulture and Brand Manager

Austin, Texas, USA
WSET Level 3; Founder, Star of Show

Ron Dougherty, Head Judge

New York, USA
Founder, Raise a Glass Foundation; OIV Certified Judge